Call Break !!! yes Call Break now available on iPhone

First time ever the game of Call Break is available in iPhone appstore. Now you don't need playing cards and three other players to play call break you just need an iPhone and a Call Break App.

call break on

waiting is over

For all Call Break lovers waiting is over, fraustration of playing non-Call Break card game is over, now you can play Call Break anywhere any time you want. Now from here the game will evolve for good and the game is here to stay for long long time, lets Celebrate !!!.
Now you can play call break in Game Center ... yeah!!!! ..... learn more

call break app home menu screen

call break app game board screen

unique playing experience

Every thing is there where it should be. After playing the game you'll say why other game doesn't have this, why it took so long for someone to do this ? we don't know the answer, but we can promise you that there is much more to come.

challenge yourself to 6 different local players

Six different players with unique game skills and experience level, each player have their own way of playing the game. Challenge each player and try to break them down.

call break app select players screen

call break app settings screen

Play online with your real friends

Yes!!! now you can play with your real friends online. You can engage in multiple match at once i.e. just take a turn in one match and switch to other.
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we all love stats, don't we?

Not only yours but all of your opponents stats is recorded. All the stats can be seen from stats menu. At the end of the day stat is only thing that counts - what do you think?

call break app players stats screen

call break app settings screen

adjust the game to match your skill/style

From game skill level to card animation speed level can be adjusted from game settings menu. You can even control the few game rules from settings.

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