How to play multiplayer on game center

What is Game Center

Game Center is a social gaming network from Apple, from where players can connect with friends, send friend requests and start playing multiplayer games with each other, or go up against people you don't know.
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Call Break on Game Center

what you need or need to know before playing online

First you need to download Call Break 2.0 App. from Apple iTunes store. Call Break Version 2.0 only supports iOS 5.0 or higher, so if you haven't updated your iOS then you should. As Call Break uses Apple's Game Center for online game, its nice to have a little knowledge of Game Center, so just open game center from your device and just dabble around - create account , add friends ......

How to create a match

Here are the steps to create an online match.

  1. From the main menu tap on "Play Online" button. Now from here the fun begins!!!!!
  2. If you haven't logged in to Game Center yet, then you'll get a dialog box to assist you to login into game center.
    Please remember if you cancel the dialog box, Game Center login through this app. might get disabled, in this case you have to go to game center app. and login from there.
  3. After you logged in to game center center you'll see the menu to manage online game, from here you can create your match, view existing matches you are playing and even you can add friends.
  4. Lets create an online match, to do so, you need to tap on "Create Match" button and press ok, after this call break will display Game Center's match making window. You can start playing match right away by pressing "Play Now" button at top right corner of the screen, in this case you'll be matched with the random unknown players. Other way to play is by inviting your friends - lets talk about this one little more in detail as this is fun!!! and we recommend you to play by inviting friends instead of auto-match making as you never know who will be the random player and how he/she gonna play - they might leave the match in the middle!!!!!.
    • just scroll down the screen you'll see "invite friends" button, tap that button and you'll see next screen - from where you can send invitation to 3 more friends. Remember you need to send invitation to at least one friend to start playing online - in this case Call Break App. will fill remaining player(s) with auto player(i.e. Bot or player controlled by game engine).
    • So, in this screen add your friend(s) with whom you want to play, press "Next" button and "Send" button and then "play now" button.
    • Now from next screen select one random card and press continue, and then wait for your friend(s) to join the game. see how to accept invitation

Accept invitation

If you have enabled Game Center notification, then you'll get notification automatically whenever your friend send request to play the game. Tapping on notification will open up the Call Break App. So, again from main menu tap on "Play Online" button, and then from Manage Online game menu, select "show my matches", and then select the invitation.